randall frazier tours with amanda palmer & edward ka-spel

original story by tom murphy for westword magazine

Randall Frazier has been running sound at concerts and engineering records in and around Denver for two decades. As a sound engineer and talent buyer at the Walnut Room for nearly ten years, Frazier left his mark on Denver’s underground scene. He helped install the sound system at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, and now he runs it.

Performing and touring with his own musical project, Orbit Service, Frazier came into contact with and befriended experimental psychedelic rock band the Legendary Pink Dots. He’s served as the press agent and tour manager for the band, and for singer Edward Ka-Spel’s solo efforts, in the U.S.

In late winter, Ka-Spel announced his collaborative album with Amanda Palmer, I Can Spin a Rainbow; the album was released May 5, with tour dates set for North America and Europe in the spring. Frazier is currently on the road, performing sound engineering duties and managing the North American leg of the tour.

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