orbit service – the door to the sky

 about orbit service:

randall frazier has been performing solo and in various band incarnations as orbit service since the 1990s, releasing no less than 5 brilliant moody albums since 2001. with beginnings in dark psych rock tempered by contemporary influences from slint to palace brothers, the orbit service sound has increasingly moved outward into experimental realms. his previous two albums on beta-lactam ring records, 2011’s “a calm note from the west” and 2016’s “stereo magic (portal In 13 parts)” are steeped in musique concrete, electronic drone, and inner ear echoes. randall’s haunting voice, however, is always floating atop the sonic wave machines, and somehow uses profound alienation to make the music more accessible. his collaboration with the legendary pink dots, called A Star Too Far, released “saucers over lincoln,” another astounding album on BLR in 2015 that remarkably sounds more like orbit service than LPD. 

– KPSU (Portland)

randall frazier has toured internationally several times, opening for for the legendary pink dots, as well as tours with dead voices on air, edward ka-spel & amanda palmer.

about the door to the sky:

the door to the sky was released on september 28, 2019 on 180g. white vinyl with a hand-made art edition (limited to 50 copies/sold out). the record was recorded, mixed and mastered by randall frazier, and features additional synth work from copenhagen’s antenne, and former legendary pink dots violinist patrick q. wright.

“Emotionally draining and highly recommended.” – François Couture, All Music Guide