Legendary Pink Dots heading for the West Coast

The The Legendary Pink Dots head to the West coast now for the final leg of what has been a very exciting tour so far… I mean, the last couple of weeks have been insane! Halloween with the Dresden Dolls, and live in-studio performance at WFMU both come to mind… I wonder what madness is in store for the West Coast?

Unlike most acts of their vintage, The Legendary Pink Dots look forward. After more than 25 years, they continue to make compelling new music that is demanded by fans and maintains the high level of quality that set their careers in motion. Led by singer/songwriter Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist/songwriter Phil “Silverman” Knight, the band continues to create their singular brand of modern psychedelia. Edward Ka-Spel’s lyrics breathe with a sagacity and cleverness only found in rock’s greatest writers. Their new album “Seconds Late For The Brighton Line” finds the band in familiar territory; pulsing Krautrock, dark and sinister pop and epic post-industrial soundscapes. The album invites the listener to put on head phones, close their eyes and embark on a technicolor journey. Stand out tracks include the epic electronic groove of “Russian Roulette”, the pretty naivete of “Someday” and the chilling goth-pop of “Endless Time.” The recent departure of long-time band members Niels Van Hoorn & Martijn De Kleer has left The Legendary Pink Dots to operate as a quartet. The new crew will embark on an extensive North American tour this Fall that celebrates the band’s 30th Anniversary.

Legendary Pink Dots (official site)
Seconds Late for the Brighton Line
Label Site: ROIR (say ROAR!)


Pitchfork says: “…they traffic in horror and gothic darkness, but they do it with elegance, more slowly crescendoing George Romero dread than Wes Craven splatterfest.”

Arthur Magazine says: “It’s ominous, sinister pop… crushed velvet, light rain, spooky carnivals…”

SPIN Magazine says: “Fancy a break from the norm? These U.K. psychedelic rockers mix LSD whimsy & industrial gloom.

Time Out New York says: “…they’ve earned the legendary by now”

LA Weekly says: “The ‘Pink Dots are the latest, greatest thing – always will be – ‘cause one can never pinpoint exactly what they’re on about but can suffer measureless revelation upon hearing it.”

Seattle Weekly Says: “Softly psychedelic like a dreamer with blurry vision, and manically poppy as in the old days of the Flaming Lips.”

Popmatters Says: Pop Matters says: “New listeners beware; the intellectual stimulator of Dots records is addictive.”



Mon Nov 15 – The Casbah, San Diego, CA
Tue Nov 16 – Echoplex, Echo Park, CA
Wed Nov 17 – Sainte Rocke, Hermosa Beach, CA
Thur Nov 18 – The Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa, CA
Fri Nov 19 – Café Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
Sat Nov 20 – Café Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
Mon Nov 22 – Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR

<a href="http://legendarypinkdots.bandcamp.com/album/seconds-late-for-the-brighton-line">Russian Roulette by Legendary Pink Dots</a>

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