downcast 01.19.2011

New tracks are up from The Slowdown Lounge (this set on 01.19.2011), which happens most Wednesdays at The Walnut Room in Denver from 5-8pm, and it’s free- (read more about it here).


These are long playing MP3 files. Clicking on the file will play it over the internet, while right clicking (ctrl + Click on mac) will download the file to your computer so you may keep it. This is also a better option if the internet is skipping or pausing during playback. Enjoy!

The music in these recordings is not rehearsed, and is improvised live on the spot, every week. We hope that they enhance your day as you do whatever you do- and if you dig it, we hope you’ll come down to The Slowdown Lounge and witness it yourself.

Cellar Door is comprised of Paul Riola: Saxophones, Electronics, Beats and Samples. Kim Stone: Bass. Yong Bakos: Keyboards
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Recorded by live at The Walnut Room in Denver by Will Umphrey.

To find out when you can witness Cellar Door in person, check out The Walnut Room Calendar.