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orbit service with cevin key (of skinny puppy), dead voices on air, mudwulf and bockhacker

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

This show brought to you by the fine folks at
Backwards Records

This is the first orbit service show since 2006. We have a new band, all new songs and our new album “A Soft Note From The West” will be released in Fall of 2010 on Beta-lactam Ring Records. We would love to see you there…

Philippe Petit “Henry: The Iron Man” reviewed at

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

“The symbolism is wonderful here, though as a listening experience, it’s almost too intense. The sense of dread and menace never relents…”
- Creaig Dunton,

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Reciprocess: +/VS. nominated for “Compilation Of The Year” by the Quartz Electronic Music Awards

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I am very happy to report that Philippe Petit & Friends “Reciprocess: +/VS.” has been nominated for “Compilation Of The Year” category of Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.

Please take a moment to go vote for us, we appreciate all of the support so far!

To check out the releases up for the award (compilation category), visit the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards website. (Look for us in the compilation category)

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About this release:

[reciprocess : +/vs.]
documenting the process of musical reciprocality between Philippe Petit & friends
[bleep 39]

A few years ago BiP_HOp started a series called “Reciprocess”, and to celebrate 10 years since the inception of the label + Philippe Petit’s 25 years of activism/DJing, he composed a 70+ minute soundtrack, cut it into pieces which were sent to friends to add their spices to. The Wire magazine liked the idea and agreed to give the CD away with their issue # 301, in March 2009.
79+ minutes of exclusive music by:

BELA EMERSON (feat. vocals from RANDALL FRAZIER) & Philippe Petit
AIDAN BAKER & Philippe Petit
CHAPTER 24 & Philippe Petit
COSEY FANNI TUTTI & Philippe Petit
KLANGWART & Philippe Petit
DOUGLAS BENFORD & Philippe Petit
dDAMAGE & Philippe Petit
MARKOVO & Philippe Petit
KUMO & Philippe Petit
EUGENE S. ROBINSON & Philippe Petit
SEVERIN 24 (feat. vocals from KATHY COMPTON) & Philippe Petit
JASON FORREST & Philippe Petit
LYDIA LUNCH & Philippe Petit
JEAN-HERVÉ PERON (art-Errorist/Faust) & Philippe Petit
STRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Hervé Vincenti & Philippe Petit)
SYBARITE & Philippe Petit
JESU & Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit “Henry: The Iron Man” (Beta-lactam Ring) reviewed at BabySue

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

“A complete and total form of artistic expression. Strange, creepy, unsettling…dark and hypnotic. TOP PICK.”
- BabySue

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