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Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


The first part of our 30th Anniversary was always going to be tough.So many shows were confirmed at the last moment that sometimes the band felt like it was crossing into an unknown dimension rather than simply travelling to another city.We slept on floors, in dormitories and sometimes in the middle of a 10 hour drive (though thankfully not the long suffering driver).
Despite all of that people turned out in force to watch the Dots ; performances frequently had that edge of intensity that perhaps only extreme adversity can produce.Now that brief month (which felt like a year) is over and planning is underway for part 2. More old and new songs will be in the set next Spring.The year 2010 is not simply LPDs 30th Anniversary , it will mark the beginning of a big ,brave adventure.No other way- we hope you’ll join us….

Tour dates:

11 Dec Heerlen,NL …….KuS
Edward Ka-Spel/The Silverman live solo show
2 Jan 2010 Bochum, D………………………..Zwischenfall
Edward Ka-Spel /The Silverman live with a special set together with Portion Control and Twice A Man – a mini festival for the New Year.
2 Apr 2010 Brussels,B ………………………..Botanique
11 Apr 2010 Budapest,H (tbc)

We are still keen to play in Minsk, and it will happen- but in 2010.
Belarus is a country which needs a special approach when it comes to organizing concerts and we have complete faith in the energetic little agency which wants to make this show happen.We will keep you posted.

The Second part of the 30th Anniversary Tour will be in Spring 2010, while it will be concluded in the USA/Canada in the Fall next year.


Filmed with one camera in LPDs home town of Nijmegen.Hugely nostalgic (one of martyn’s first shows) and very wild and intimidating at a time when “Maria Dimension” was new. Consider this as a companion release to “The Maria Sessions”.Available from TEKA in mid-November and on tour before then.Price : 15 euros (plus postaged/packing).OUT NOW

THE TEAR GARDEN- Have a Nice Trip (CD)
Now finished and primed for production in the near future. Songs composed and recorded in Los Angeles early in 2008. A sumptuous audio rollercoaster.
20 euros plus postage.OUT NOW

EDWARD KA-SPEL- Trapped in Amber (LP)
Limited Vinyl only release from EK on the Dutch Plinkity Plonk label .Colourful and precious, a natural follow-up to “Painted River of Regrets”.
- 20 euros plus postage.OUT NOW

Originally planned as a CDR release on TEKA, it was decided to make it
a silver disc on Beta-Lactam Ring Records after a chat between Edward and Chris at the label.All proceeds go towards a a good cause (go to for full details).15 euros plus postage and packing.Delivery imminent.

Back in 1991 , every note played by the Dots was captured on a tape recorder which was literally never switched off.Some of the more inspired
improvisations were worked on and turned into songs which found their way
on the Maria dimension album.
This CDR captures the very best of those sessions and features some of the most wonderful guitar work from Bob Pistoor that you’ll ever hear.A perfect
companion release to Maria Dimension itself, this literally brought tears to our eyes when we played the finished version recently.Highly highly recommended- everything unreleased and unheard outside the Dots.
A TOQ CDR …it costs 13.50 euros plus postage. OUT NOW!

A radio broadcast in 2002 before a tiny audience in an Amsterdam cafe.
Crystal clear recordings interspersed with snippets of interview plus the material the Dots played in the cafe AFTER the radio show was finished.
Songs included are “Isis Veiled”, “Our Dominion”, “12th” ,”The More it stays the same” and a few others.A quiet beauty….This TOQ CDR costs 13.50 euros plus postage.OUT NOW

Fine recordings from 2004 featuring Edward and Phil improvising with ” The Whispering Wall” album in mind. It’s wild and loud and at times utterly uplifting.Again, this one comes recommended .All pieces unreleased and unheard outside Chez Dots.
A TOQ costs 13.50 euros plus postage.OUT NOW

EDWARD KA-SPEL/The Painted River of Regrets (vinyl LP)
Just released by Beta-Lactam Ring records in an edition of 300 copies.A delirious voyage to a melancholy corner of the universe. It costs 20 euros plus 8 for postage /packing inside Europe and 10 further afield.

EDWARD KA-SPEL- O’er a Shalabaster Tyde Stroll’t ay (CD)
Remastered and gloriously repackaged , this album is available once more after being out-of-print for a long time. 15 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL-Chyekk China Doll (CD)
The remaster of this is quite remarkable, it never sounded this good in the past.New bonus tracks added and newly covered up – possibly the finest release so far in the ongoing reissue series. Expect in January/February

Reissued by Big Blue records (Poland) with a new cover.15 euros plus postage.OUT NOW

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-FromHere you’ll watch the World go by (CD)
Reissued by Big Blue records (Poland) with a new cover.15 euros plus postage.OUT NOW

THE TEAR GARDEN- Eye Spy with my little Eye (CD)
Just a few back here at TEKA. 20 euros plus postage.1 left!!!

THE TEAR GARDEN- The Secret Experiment (CD)
Also a handful in the cupboard- 20 euros plus postage.

THE TEAR GARDEN-For those who walk with the Gods (CD)
Ultra-rare Russian collection of Tear Garden’s earlier works with 3 exclusive bonus cuts.
The last few in the World in stock at TEKA- 20 euros plus postage.

Rare Russian compilation including a couple of exclusive bonus tracks- 20 euros plus postage

RUSSIAN EDITIONS (with unique covers)
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- All the Kings Horses -15 euros
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Crushed Velvet Apocalypse- 10 euros.SPECIAL OFFER
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-I did not Inhale (comp)- 15 euros
EDWARD KA-SPEL-Kissing Frogs is Fine (comp with rare and exclusive tracks)- 15 euros


We’d like to bring your attention to
This is a website dedicated to Edward Ka-Spel’s book of lyrics which was released a few years ago.The site has been updated and visitors will find
a section where Edward reveals the origins for many of his outpourings.

The mighty LARD FREE is reforming for a show at Magasin 4 in Brussels ,Belgium on 14 December.This is an event not to be missed.
Opening for the legendary Parisian outfit is Marteau Rouge with Evan Parker, while SteveStapleton will be dj for the night.Contact for more information.


Just released- this is a record of astonishing beauty.The first side made me feel like I was tiptoeing through a magical garden at twilight, the second cast me out into a forgotten sea.Timo is an improviser of the first order- everything he creates is worthy of your attention, but if you start anywhere, then start HERE. It’s limited as well, so be fast!
It can be ordered directly from Timo at this address:

Watch this space for details concerning this incendiary solo girl performer from Sweden.She opened for us in Malmo and Im still scraping my jaw from
the floor after dragging it all the way back to The Netherlands. Marvellous, hugely inventive….words aren’t enough..

ES/ Sateenkaarisuudelma
Available as a beautiful double album release and as a double CD.
Quite honestly if the amount of love and devotion poured into this album was contagious (I hope it is) then we could seriously talk about the dawn of a New Age of earth. Nothing sweet here, this is music that lifts the listener to a place he or she probably hoped would exist but somehow doubted it. I had to think of the best work of Terry Riley at odd (golden) moments, but that would be a lazy comparison ultimately.
Much has been written about the “Finnish free folk” movement ,and there are an awful lot of releases out there which carry this categorization.My recommendation is to dive into the ocean with confidence…but this is a good place to start from.
I was given this CD by a kind record store owner in Copenhagen, and what a beauty it is!!! Perhaps there are echoes of the sadly missed Godspeed You Black Emperor, but that comparison does this Danish band a disservice.Very much an individual sound to this CD on the Rump Recordings label.Charged, ecstatic .Utterly uplifting in these sepia times.
Sometimes a CD comes along that makes you want to fling open the windows and scream about to the rest of the World (only that would of course interfere with the beautiful music).
In the case of John moran, it wasn’t one but 2 albums that turned up in the mail box..Psychedelic in the braodest sense, tuneful, intelligent,happy, sad—dont know where to stop.John is fromAustralia and his CDs are on the Puzzle Factory label.Seek him out, and buy his music–you will not regret this.
Title: Epitafio a la Permanencia
Imagine Christian Vander and Pierre Henry collaborating on a lost masterpiece when they were both at the peaks of their powers…..Imagine the master tape turning up in Chile..Imagine it’s reputation preceded it and turned out to be EVEN BETTER……Un Festin Sagital is a group I’d never heard of before, but I reckon I’ll spend the next few years hearing them again and again such is the depth of this debut.Purchase from <> now before it vanishes.
Beta-Lactam Ring has given Ariels’ first insanely rare album a long overdue re-release and it’s a glory.Lots of beautiful bonus material as well. We loved this record for years at Chez Dots…Hearing it with this kind of clarity was akin to waking up after a long Winter’s sleep.
All orders can be made by sending me a message at
All out-of-stock items have been removed from the previous list.Remember to read the ordering instructions at the end of the lists..
4 Days (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
9 Lives To Wonder CD
15.00 EUR (out of stock)
9 Lives to Wonder CD (Big Blue reissue)
15 EUR
25th Anniversary Single (shocking pink vinyl)
10 EUR
Alchemical Playschool 2 x 10″vinyl LPs (Soleilmoon ,2 copies left)
35.00 EUR
Alchemical Playschool CD
(Second edition on Soleilmoon)
20 EUR
All The King’s Horses CD (Big Blue)
15.00 EUR
All The King’s Horses CD
15.00 EUR
All The King’s Men CD
15.00 EUR
Ancient Daze CD
15.00 EUR
Any Day Now CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Asylum CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Asylum CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Basilisk CD (out of stock ) 20.00 EUR
Brighter Now CD (OUT OF STOCK!)
15.00 EUR
Brighter Now CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 3/4 2 X CD
20.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 10 CD
15.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 11/12/13 3 X CD
40.00 EUR
Classics & Rarities 3 X CD (Big Blue)
25.00 EUR (1 copy in stock)
Crushed Mementos CD (OUT OF STOCK)
20.00 EUR
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Curse CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)(OUT OF STOCK)
15.00 EUR
Curse CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
A Dream is a Dream DVD LPDs live in 1987
20.00 EUR
Faces In The Fire CD (soleilmoon)
15.00 EUR
Faces in the Fire (Big Blue reissue)SPECIAL OFFER
10.00 EUR
Farewell Milky Way CD
15.00 EUR
From Here You’ll Watch The World Go By CD
15.00 EUR
The Golden Age CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Golden Age CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Hallway Of The Gods CD
15.00 EUR
Island Of Jewels CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Island Of Jewels CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Kollabaris CDR
15.00 EUR
The Legendary Pink Box 2 X CD
20.00 EUR
Live in Hildeshem 1991 CDR
10.00 EUR
Live in Los Angeles 2002 DVD-R
15.00 EUR
Live in Montpelier 2 x CDR
20.00 EUR
Live 85-88 CDR
15.00 EUR
Live 89 CDR
15.00 EUR
Live At La Luna DVD
15.00 EUR
Live At The Metro CD
15.00 EUR
The Lovers CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Lovers CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Malachai CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Malachai CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Maria Dimension CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Maria Dimension CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Nemesis Online CD
15.00 EUR
A Perfect Mystery CD (Soleilmoon)
15.00 EUR
A Perfect Mystery CD (Big Blue reissue)
15 EUR
The Poppy Variations CD
15.00 EUR (last copies)
The Poppy Variations (Big blue reissue)
15.00 EUR
The Poppy Variations 2 x LP (very last copies)
30.00 EUR
Prayer For Aradia CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Pre-Millennial Single (Mini CD)
15.00 EUR
The Pre-Millennial Single (Vinyl EP)
15.00 EUR
Remember Me This Way (Mini CD)
10.00 EUR
Shadow Weaver CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Shadow Weaver CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Stained Glass Soma Fountains 2 X CD
20.00 EUR
Sterre (CD Single)
8.00 EUR
The Tower CD (soleilmoon)
15.00 EUR
The Tower CD (Big Blue reissue) SPECIAL OFFER
10.00 EUR
Traumstadt One CD
15.00 EUR
Under Triple Moons CD
15.00 EUR
The Whispering Wall CD
15.00 EUR
Your children Placate you from premature Graves
TEAR GARDEN (E.Ka-Spel,Cevin Key)
Eye Spy with my little eye 20 EUR (1 left)
Secret Experiment
20.00 EUR
For those who walk with the Gods 20 EUR
Have a Nice Trip 20 EUR
Dream Cell 2 x LP -bonus 4th side (LOW STOCK)
25.00 EUR
Nature of Illusion (w/bonus CD)
20.00 EUR
Nature of Illusion LP plus bonus CD (low stock)
25.00 EUR
Requiem Settings CD
15.00 EUR
Spectral Artifact CDR
10.00 EUR
State of Union CD (300 only) expanded and remastered from deleted CDR issue
20.00 EUR
Sun with a Beating Heart CDR
10.00 EUR
Woodland Calling CDR
10.00 EUR
(Blank) for your own message CD
20.00 EUR
An Unlikely Event CDR
15 EUR
The Blue Room CD
15.00 EUR
The Blue Room 2 X LP
25.00 EUR
Caste O’ Graye Skreeens CD SPECIAL OFFER
12.00 EUR
DNA LE DRAW D KEE CD (Edward, Elke, Ryan & Calyxx)
15.00 EUR
Down In The City Of Heartbreak & Needles Volume II CD
Eyes China Doll CD (original vinyl replica sleeve with bonus material)
15.00 EUR
Fragments of Illumina CD (1 original left)
20.00 EUR
Fragmants of Illumina (double vinyl w/bonus 4th side) (last copies)
30.00 EUR
Laugh China Doll CD (original vinyl replica cover with bonus tracks
from dance China Doll and unreleased)
15.00 EUR
Live in Basel CDR
15.00 EUR
Long Red Ladder to the Moon CD
15.00 EUR (Back in stock)
Dream Logik Part 1 CD (last copies of deluxe book style cover)
20.00 EUR
Dream Logik Part Two (single CD only)
20.00 EUR
Dream Logik Parts 1-3 (4x LP box set plus exclusive CD) (low stock)
70.00 EUR
Melancholics Anonymous CD (300 only)
20.00 EUR (last copies)
Love & Loud Colours Lyric Book & CD
40.00 EUR
Needles III CDR
15.00 EUR
O Darkness O Darkness vinyl only LP
25.00 EUR (back in stock)
Pieces Of 8 CD
15.00 EUR
Pieces Of 8 2 X LP (out of stock)
30.00 EUR
Red Letters CD
15.00 EUR
The Scriptures Of Illumina CD
15.00 EUR
The Textures Of Illumina 2xCD
20.00 EUR
The Painted River of Regrets (CDR ltd to 399)
15.00 EUR
The painted River of Regrets (vinyl-ltd to 300)
20.00 EUR
Ulkomaalaiset 1 CD (improvisational trio of E.Ka-spel,Alena Boikova and Martin Heuser)
20.00 EUR (last copies)
Ulkomaalaiset 2 CD
20.00 EUR
Kissing Frogs is Fine (Russian compilation)- 15 EUR

MIMIR (The Silverman, E.Ka-Spel,Christoph Heemann, Andreas heemann,Jim O’Rourke)

Mimiryad -second album originally on vinyl now as CD.It is NOT the reissue .LAST COPIES of the orginal Mimyriad Cd which was different to vinyl version.
15.00 EUR
Flow CD
15.00 EUR

So Close Yet So Far Out CD features Cevin Key and LPDs.
15.00 EUR
Colours CD
15 EUR
Klaverland Klompen CD (with mark Spybey of dead Voices on Air)
15 EUR
Strange Attractor LP (very low stock)
20 EUR
Strange Attractor 2 LP (very low stock)
20 EUR
Strange Attractor CD (2 albums combined -features Edward Ka-Spel a.o)
15 EUR
Strange Attractor/Mettle CD
15 EUR
Canta Mientas Puedas CD
15.00 EUR

Guide Vol. I: Best Ballads CD
15.00 EUR

Music for Girls CD
(Collaboration – Edward Ka-Spel lent vocals and lyrics to one track)
15.00 EUR

(Collaboration – Edward Ka-Spel lent vocals and lyrics to one track)
10.00 EUR


6663 BL LENT

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Philippe Petit, “Henry : The Iron Man” (Beta-lactam Ring Records)

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Greetings Friends,

Seeking reviews and airplay now on Philippe Petit, “Henry : The Iron Man” (Beta-lactam Ring Records).


The first 50 pre orders will receive a bonus CD. First ed. of 400 copies in a full color book bound gatefold case. One lost lemonish night sleepwalking on a lost country road I dreamt that Shinya Tsukamoto was working on a blurred remake of “Eraserhead”, and I was to soundtrack the grotesque mutation of Henry into an “Iron Man”. I decided to manipulate and take advantage of the vinyl material to fondle crackles and released noises, to process textures and their resonances into vertiginous travellings of sound ; conjuring up flashes of disturbing black & white grainy sounds, behind-the-scenes close-ups, rapid nightmarish stop-motion effects.

I embarked on a visceral musical voyage, an intricate and imaginative soundtrack gathering both organic and sonic elements and giving life to a noisy magma where unexpected clicks stumbled over interferences, where digital accidents happened and drones and acoustic resonances filled the spaces in time. The music sprang on me and got caught in my eye.

About Philippe Petit:

Born in Marseille, South of France, where I started Djing, animating radio shows and editing zines in the 80s. In the 90s I contributed articles (under the pseudonym Candy Apple Grey and Filth Simpson ) for such magazines as Ruta 66 (Spain), Merlin’s Music Box (Greece), Maximum R&R (USA), What Wave, Cryptic Tymes (Canada), and French-written Taktik, Rage, Rocksound, Best, 491, Abus Dangereux, and many many more that no one will remember of… In those days, I had some fun and interviews w/ such bands as Nirvana, Fugazi, L7, Neurosis, Fuzztones, Babes In Toyland, Mudhoney, Pixies, Cynics, Dum Dum Boys, Alice Donut, Brood, Grotus, Fleshtones, Buzzcocks, Nick Cave, Sting Rays, Poison Idea, Jon Spencer, Soft Machine, Lydia Lunch, No Means No, Godflesh, Steve Albini, Gallon Drunk, Melvins, New Bomb Turks, and many other “noisy-rock” luminaries. In 1991, I started Kinetic Vibes Music, a Garage Punk zine and label releasing music by: Willie Loco Alexander, Pleasure Fuckers, Dead Moon, Bevis Frond, Lust-o-Rama, Ultra 5, Overcoat, Cryptones, Devil Dogs, La Secta, Dirteez, Tommyknockers and some other… Still available the mythical compilation “Electric Carnival” gathering 23 bands from 10 countries. In 1993 I founded the experimental label Pandemonium Rdz. Working with the likes of Guapo, Zeni Geva, Ground Zero, Condense, Cows, Headcleaner, Drive Blind, Double Nelson, Alboth!, Melt Banana, God Is My Co-Pilot, Samiam, Burning Heads, Cerberus Shoal, Flying Luttenbachers, Unsane, Bästard, Kepone, Ron Anderson, Ruins, Hint, Andy’s Car Crash, Spaceheads… That is well documented there and many releases are still in print: 41 records later, I needed to rejuvenate and started a new label: BiP_HOp was physically born in 2000 and will document avant electro for the century to come… A webzine, a radio show, organizing live events, and above all a label documenting the state of electronic art and sound design, unconventional sound adventures, modern ambient, contemporary alliances between acoustica vs. digitalia… Musics challenging the ears and the mind. In 2000 Philippe Petit became Dj/ chosing to use my e-mail address to keep contact with the listeners… Under this moniker I have been invited to play festivals and some of the best venues in Europe, Northern america, and even recently Mexico. According to me a DJ is not only an instrument for dancing but as a living musical library I should also take the audience to a new cultural trip / discovery. I want to entertain listeners and to open new “doors of perception”, to create a virtual world to enable them to forget about their own existence for a short while. Sometimes I feel an urge not to be solo onstage which led me to start the duo Ear_Thrillerz. ; the now defunct group Deviationists ; and most actively these days the international collective : Strings Of Consciousness. Today I still animate a radio show for Radio Grenouille which is the biggest non-commercial local radio I still write in Noise Magazine. A bi-monthly mag, printing 25 000 which can be found in newstand all around France and is the best one dealing with Rock, indie rock, metal, post rock, punk, stoner doom, industrial, experimental, prog, Noisy music. Also a website (3000-3500 unique visitors/day)

For press and radio inquiries, please contact

helmet room recordings
beta-lactam ring records
::: an indie alliance :::