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March 1st, 2016

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March 4 – The Walnut Room – Silver Face w/ Claudzilla, Chris Frain, Tripp Nasty (plus a showing of Stoner Witches) DJ Mudwulf

March 1st, 2016


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Mirror Fears, Night Grinder, Felix Fast4ward, Lanx Borealis, Church Fire – November 5 – Walnut Room

November 4th, 2015


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November 4th, 2015


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A Star Too Far “Vita Nova (Version Apocalypse)” Limited Edition (Beta-lactam Ring Records)

November 4th, 2014


Issued as a one-time edition of 100 numbered copies Dec. 15, 2014. Presented in a six panel French Black paper sleeve, laser cut cover art, silver silkscreened art, each one unique. Artwork by Luke Buser. The CD contains “Vita Nova (Version Apocalypse)”, a version from the forthcoming full length studio album Saucers Over Lincoln and “D-list”, a 3 minute exclusive audio track playable on a turntable.

“It all happened during a magical week in the month of April 2014. After a thoroughly enjoyable tour the previous Fall when Randall Frazier aka Orbit Service opened for The Legendary Pink Dots in all corners of North America. It felt like such a perfect match that The Dots wanted to repeat the experience in Europe. However, it’s never smart to dive into a van for a tour immediately after stepping off a Transatlantic flight. Consequently Randall stayed with Edward Ka-Spel and family for 3 nights before hitting the road to Newcastle in the UK. That’s when the recordings happened. The red light was locked on a permanent red and the Ka-Spel/Frazier team basically explored a new universe together. Hours of material emerged which were later edited, decorated with vocals by both singers and then sent to Pink Dots’ Erik Drost and The Silverman for further contributions.”

Those responsible:
Randall Frazier: Keyboards, vocals, engineering
Edward Ka-Spel: Keyboards, vocals, editing, engineering
Erik Drost: guitars
The Silverman: Analogue and digital synthesis, devices

New Release: Project Zenit “Again” 12″ (Ohm Resistance)

October 1st, 2014


Artist: Project Zenit
Title: Again
Cat# OHM 35.1M
Release: OCTOBER 21 2014
Formats: Digital, 12″ Maxi-Single
Genre: EDM | Sub-genre: Vocal House
Similar Artists: TR/ST, M83, Gigamesh, Calvin Harris

What do you get when you add Timur Turisbekov, COOH/Balkansky’s Ivan Shopov, and Ivo Christov together and let them write sincere, melodic electronica? The answer is Project Zenit, who have produced their first single for vinyl release, “Again”.

Nominated for an EMA (Eurasian Music Award).
Playing on Russia’s most prestigious TV station, Muz.
In rotation on many radio stations in Timur’s home nation, Kazakhstan.
With a great video that includes a Jaguar getting blown up.

“Again” is a song of lost love revisited, and the ultimate sadness that will always follow with these types of visitations. With an easy access groove, innovative treated guitar, and synthesizers pumping funk and skying melody, “Again” is an amazing track worthy of its weight on vinyl.

Remixes on the platter come from Balkan techno/EDM producer Climaxim, an amazing industrial edit from the band themselves, and from elusive Corsican separatist/dub techno producer Svevo. Climaxim’s take works the electronics and changes up the beat, while Svevo’s re-run brings the track to 8 minutes, with a classic halftime breakdown and massive organ solo. The band rework is more spacious and dirty affair, using inventive technique to recreate the song structure in broken shards of aggression.

A great platter of electronic music on vinyl from Ohm Resistance, gathering big support on the other side of the world – a glimpse into (dare we say it), pop music, done as perfectly and infectiously as possible without being shrill. The first of several singles leading up to an album from Kazakhstan’s Project Zenit.

About Project Zenit:

Project Zenit was formed in 2012 by Kazakhstan’s Timur Turisbekov (formerly releasing on Ohm Resistance as Schecter) and Bulgaria’s Ivan Shopov (Balkansky, COOH, Drumkid). Two long time friends divided by many countries in-between decided to unite into collaboration to explore different dimensions of accessible electronic music. In 2013 the team was filled out by adding the graphic designer and music producer Ivo ‘Kuker’ Christov.

In 2014, the video for “Again” was nominated for a Eurasian Music Award (EMA). At the EMA ceremony in Almaty, Timur appeared onstage and performed. There has been an outpouring of support on Kazakh and Russian terrestrial radio for Project Zenit, in addition to having the video for Again in rotation on Russia’s most prestigious TV Channel, Muz TV.

for press and radio inquiries, contact randall frazier

New Release: Drifting In Silence “Desire” (Labile Records)

September 29th, 2014


New Release Seeking Reviews and Airplay

Artist: Drifting In Silence
Album: Desire
Label: Labile Records
File Under: Electronic, Ambient, Industrial
Release Date: October 21, 2014

About Drifting In Silence
Drifting in Silence is the name of a longstanding ambient industrial musical project undertaken by multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge. Stembridge chose the name as “a description of the feeling evoked by the music,” intended to create the sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow. Stembridge has described the music of Drifting in Silence as “post-ambient.”
The sound of Drifting in Silence is characterized by layered ambiences driven by groove rhythms, and punctuated by instrumental riffs and snatches of concretesounds. Individual tracks range from meditative tone poems to high-energy groove.
As musical influences behind Drifting in Silence, Stembridge cites Robin Guthrie, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and the music of Skinny Puppy, among others.

About Desire
Drifting in Silence has always been about layered sound set against driving rhythms. In Desire, the rhythms themselves add a layer of ambience. Long-time listeners to Drifting in Silence will immediately note a greater emphasis on instrumentation in Desire. The trademark layering of sounds and multiple ambiences is still the defining feature, but Stembridge has felt free to let melodic lines take the forefront, as is most evident in the title track, weaving together to make rhythmic as well as ambient structures.

Recent Press
“A soundtrack for an epic sci-fi film that’s yet to be made—the synth-soaked grandeur of Blade Runner meets the big-beat swagger of The Fifth Element. Unlike a lot of “ambient” albums, it simply never gets boring. Synthesist and composer Derrick Stembridge is a master of his craft.” – Keyboard Magazine

“In the end, it doesn’t matter if your eyes are closed, on the floor, or looking up to space, as long as you’re hearing the music.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Often brooding and filled with unraveled texture, Drifting In Silence presents a string of various reflections that are unique, captivating and likely to emit pensive patterns of thought.” – Igloo Magazine

Randall Frazier – helmet room recordings – – 303.807.9027 –

The Sevens Collective ” A Too Much Divided Heart” (Beta-lactam Ring Records)

July 9th, 2014


(Click Image For More info from

Issued as an edition of 500 copies in a full color book bound gatefold sleeve and insert. The familiar and the uncommon blend together to form the dolorous heart of this release. With contributions from a number of artists, The Sevens Collective brings an album of music that brings to mind everything from Spanish guitar ballads to avant-garde chamber music to dark ambience and improvised space-rock jams. Vocals glide between spoken word and doleful singing, as slow evolution and quick changes are woven around common threads of piano, violin, and guitar, revealing then secreting away drones, electronic ambience, and Tuvan throat singing. At times serene, sad, disturbing, and alien, “A Too Much Divided Heart” brings 8 tracks that blend traditional song structures and instrumentation with experimental concepts and electronic sounds in ways that occasionally evoke memories of lost love and dreams of alternate universes. Echoes of Current 93, Coil, and NWW may be heard within.

These Heavy Wings from Adam York Gregory on Vimeo.

The Seven Hats “Scientific American”

May 7th, 2013

The Seven Hats, short for The 7 Hats of Borg-Warner—a 1960’s advertising campaign of the industrial giant, Borg-Warner, promising better living and “better products through creative research and engineering”—laments the failed promises and disastrous results of the mid-century American industrial complex through its apocalyptic lounge music. The haunting analog-electro project of Julie Davis (Bela Karoli, Nathaniel Rateliff, Fairchildren, Miss America) and Joseph Pope III (Born in the Flood, Nathaniel Rateliff, Miss America) was largely inspired by Davis’ decades-long love for the Great American Songbook and the pair’s recent acquisition of a 1960’s Wurlitzer electronic piano, half-working Roland Juno 106 synthesizer and nearly-broken Farfisa VIP 370 organ.

Recorded at Grey Gardens and mixed and mastered by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room Recordings, the songs on The Seven Hats’ forthcoming EP, “Scientific American,” offer lush and evolving textures that provide the perfect platform for Davis’ smoky voice. With a stage set-up designed to fit snugly in the back of a station wagon, The Seven Hats aspires to cross-country trips connected by shows in second-rate motel lounges.

Paul Cox of Stacks music blog describes “Scientific American,” as “beautiful and aching and brilliant.” He says, “ these interpretations of WWII-era compositions are thoroughly marvelous . . . . I hope there’s an entire album’s worth of this project in the pipeline, because it’s just what I’ve been looking for.”

The Seven Hats Facebook
The Seven Hats Bandcamp
The Seven Hats Tumblr


April 26th, 2013


It’s the first day of Spring.Predictably,it’s cloudy,treacherously
cold and I make no apologies for staying in.
It’s the perfect day for wrenching off the headphones and composing a
You could say the state of activity at Chez Dots has been almost
frenetic of late.
For a start,there’s a brand new Dots’ album of all-new material slated
for release in May by Metropolis Records, entitled “The Gethsemane
Option”. If all goes to plan,we’ll be promoting this with a North
American tour in The Fall.
A second album of new material entitled “The Rainy Day That Never
Comes” (also slowly prepared throughout
last year) is also now recorded,mastered and waiting in the can – more
about this one in the next newsletter.
Lastly,in this coming week three new CDR releases with a new design
look will become available – also 100% new studio material.For more
information read on my friends…..

24 April- Amsterdam/ Wilhelmina Pakhuis

Lots more information in the April newsletter about LPDs on the road.



Recorded in 5 intense days as November turned into December and as
fresh as a brisk desert wind
that fries all who stand in it’s path. Close to an hour of songs,
scapes and colours so loud your neighbours
will need guide dogs.Spontaneity can be a wonderful thing in these oh
so cautious times…Out on March 8 (it will
not be late).EUR 13,50 plus postage – also available as a download
from LPDs’ Bandcamp site:

EDWARD KA-SPEL – Fire Island (CDR)

In January EK went on a rare holiday in an attempt to escape the
notorious British winter.Typically he took all manner of recording
equipment with him. It was a wonderful holiday on Fire Island and the
songs on this album drip with the atmosphere of that special place.Out
on March 8 (it will not be late).EUR 13,50 plus postage – also
available as a download from LPDs’ Bandcamp site:

THE SILVERMAN – Finisterre (CDR)

Despite the ominous warnings on the radio,a lonely boat sails away
from a lonelier island with the good captain Silverman at the
helm.Aliens here to study mankind had taken control of the
airwaves;spread confusion with fake weather reports;induced
brainwashing with warped forms of Celtic music; inserted subliminal
mantras like “Better Warped Than Corrupted” into all political and
financial broadcasting;as well as openly plotting revolution – or was
that resolution?or evolution?or perhaps pollution?But this was of no
concern for Silverman as he changed course by the north star,heading
out towards Andromeda.
Out on March 8 (it will not be late).EUR 13,50 plus postage – also
available as a download from LPDs’ Bandcamp site:

EDWARD KA-SPEL- One Last Pose Before the Ruin (CD,LP,Cassette,T-Shirt)

EK’s latest aural adventure for the estimable Beta-Lactam Ring label
and a natural successor to “Pleasure Cruise”. Reflective and a little
melancholy,parts of it could have been made back in ‘73,but in another
more innocent dimension.Mostly instrumental,apart from that odd
interlude concerning a turkey.
CD and hyper – limited cassette due any day – 20 euros plus
postage.Cassette is 10 euros (check for availabilty!)
T-Shirt (due imminently) is 20 euros.VInyl edition (March) will be 25
euros plus postage.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – Chemical Playschool 15 (CD)

On the Rustblade label,a new voyage into the Chemical Playschool after
over 10 years of being locked outside the
laboratory.Songs,labyrinths,and colours so vivid you’ll never wash
them out of your mind.12 euros plus postage.
ALSO,we have a few extra T-shirts of CP 15 (medium and small sizes
only- Very limited) – 20 euros plus postage.

CHEMICAL PLAYSCHOOL 15….(1 x cd plus 1x dvd and gadgets,sticker
etc.).299 copies only – 29 euros plus postage.

The hyper-ltd edition is sold out here.

A full-blown collaboration between Denver artists Wesley Young and
Jesse Peper (who creates many wonderful covers for LPDs related
releases) and Edward Ka-Spel.
A dark, menacing work = a little like waiting for bus 13 to Dante’s
Inferno in a bad neighbourhood.
Now in stock.15 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – TANITH & THE LION TREE (CD digipak, remaster with 3
exclusive bonus cuts)
15 euros plus postage.


EDWARD KA-SPEL- Ghost Logik (CD)
Alas, the limited editions are gone at TEKA hq, but the single cd
version IS now in stock .12 euros plus postage for the most exotic
ride you’ll ever have on a ghost train.

A seriously electric installment of this trip into hyperspace.
Hynotic (real) drums, analogue mayhem and EK providing vocals on a 20
minute piece.
15 euros plus postage.
ARMCHAIR MIGRAINE JOURNEY- Cosmic Space Drone (Cassette)
We have a handful of the exclusive (and rare) cassette version which
feature AMJ together with guests Edward Ka-Spel and Scott Solida.
Exquisite….10,50 euros plus postage.

ASVA & PHILIPPE PETIT- Empires Should Burn (CD)
Highly recommended cd of immaculate soundscapes and spoken word. EK
delivers vocals on the 23 minute opener. Jarboe is also a contributor.
15 euros plus postage

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – 9 Live to Wonder – A film by Cevin Key (DVD)
Occasionally hallucinatory,always personal this DVD presents The Dots
at home as it was back in ‘93. Lots of unheard improvisation,lots of
old machines, dripping with atmosphere.TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK – we
expect more soon.15 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – A Pleasure Cruise through 9 Dimensions (LP gimmix cover)
Beta-Lactam Ring released this new EK salvo which lives up to it’s
name in almost every possible format (even 8-track cartridge).However,
pride of place goes to the vinyl edition with an astonishing handmade
gimmix cover. It is hyper-limited and costs 45 euros plus postage from
us.Most copies were sold via pre-order but we still have a
few copies in stock.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – A Pleasure Cruise through 9 Dimensions….(ltd.gimmix cover CD)
20 euros plus postage.
Cassette and 8-track versions of this title no longer available.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – This Saturated Land
Exclusive album only available as a download via LPDs ‘ Bandcamp site.

This is also the place to go for all the LPD remasters..

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – The Creature That Tasted Sound (CDR)
CDR release with new studio pieces. 13,50 euros plus postage.

THE SILVERMAN – Dream Cell Deluxe (2 x CDR)
Now out of print on CD for over 10 years, “Dream Cell ” has been
remastered and coupled with a bonus disc with the vinyl version’s
extra side and some exciting extras.18,00 euros plus postage.
A handful of the original Dream Cell 2xLP are still available at 25
euros plus postage. Anyone ordering this will receive the CDR bonus
disc free.

Recorded between 11th and 14th November 2011,and fittingly includes a
new version of “Poppy Day” plus songs and pieces directly related to
this occasion:
13,50 euros plus postage.

We are using the Bandcamp site to preview forthcoming releases and
make available some rare and exclusive songs .
For Legendary Pink Dots go to:

For Edward Ka-Spel go to

Yup, we’re there too…

THE WEBSITES!! – thanks Lisette! – thanks Erik! – thanks Jon!

Edward Ka-Spel,Erik Drost and Lisette Sutherland also have Facebook pages…

These birds do not tweet.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Ancient Daze CD (very limited).15 euros
THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Crushed Mementos CD (very limited).20 euros
EDWARD KA-SPEL – The Patriot / Last Man Standing 7″
Still waiting alas

Any Day Now (remastered and expanded) CD with special packaging.
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Seconds late for the Brighton Line Double Vinyl.
Just re-pressed.More information in April newsletter.
(i) The Angel (Black – XL,L,S girly)…20 euros
To celebrate 30 years we reproduce the design from LPDs’ first vinyl
album “Brighter Now”.
This has been a very popular number.

(ii) Seconds Late (Black – XL,L,S girly – one of each size left)…20 euros
The shirt of the tour and the Dots’ latest album designed by The
Silverman himself.

(iii) Alchemical Playschool (White – S – just two left)…20 euros
This,printed up for Soleilmoon’s cd release of the same name,is an
ideal beach shirt with it’s Eastern flavoured print.

(iv) Chemical Playschool 15 (Black – M and S)….20 euros

CONTINUING The TEKA hand-made series….
The Terminal Kaleidoscope mail order service is happy to announce a
series of hand-made items brought to you by members of the band.
The Tower………A picture disc with original artwork by the
Silverman hailing back to the original live presentation of songs from
this album back in the 80s. 40 euros plus postage


Robodop Snei…..A beautifully packaged and lovingly crafted CD from
old Pink Dots’ friend Danny Eschbach’s project in Australia . Danny
has his own way with the synthesizer that frequently thrills you and
certianly takes you out there. The title is “Strange Ongoings”
released by Tempest Records

On many occasions a delightful band named Surreal Funfair has opened
for LPDs in Cologne and berlin .Sascha Beyer is the mastermind behind
this delightfully eccentric outfit and he has informed me of a debut
album. Go ,seek it out!!

Old Pink Dots’ friends Thorsten Wald and Lars Tangmark urged me to
direct you all to their own project here:
It comes strongly recommended

Close friends of the Dots’ Frans and Freek from Beequeen just informed
me that they now have a Bandcamp Page as well.Some exquisite delights
to be found there!
The download fun starts at and

ON ROTATION AT CHEZ DOTS:K.Salvatore’s mindblowing Tsar Ova Elk
LP….somehow passed by The Expanding Universe by Laurie Spiegel until
this cd re-issue….is Richard Skelton the new Arvo Part?….
The Seer by Swans …. remember that feeling of hearing Can for the
first time?The Lost Tapes are so very welcome…..Chora(s)san
Time-Court Mirage……Hildur Gudnadottir’s Leyfou Ljosinu on intense
and glorious replay.
We’d like to bring your attention to
This is a website dedicated to Edward Ka-Spel’s book of lyrics which
was released together with an exclusive a few years ago.The site has
been updated and visitors will find a section where Edward reveals the
origins for many of his outpourings.Not so many books left now .Those
interested should write to Kirsten who lovingly created the book and
the website.
Barry Gray (aka Stret majest Alarme) ,Legendary Pink Dots’ guitar
player from all of the first albums has just released a fine and
utterly spacey
cassette on Beam Ends Records.Now operating under the name of
TAPAJAWA, it can be ordered via our old friend Freek of BeeQueen for
15 euros. Order directly from Freek at

All orders can be made by sending me a message at
All out-of-stock items have been removed from the previous
list.Remember to read the ordering instructions at the end of the

25th Anniversary Single
10.00 EUR (back in stock)
4 Days (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
9 Lives To Wonder – A Film By Cevin Key DVD(awaiting new stock)
15.00 EUR
9 Lives To Wonder CD
15.00 EUR
9 Lives to Wonder CD (Big Blue reissue)
15 EUR
25th Anniversary Single
10 EUR
Alchemical Playschool CD in Soapstone Box (first edition)(2x copy left)
65.00 EUR
Alchemical Playschool 2 x 10″ luxury vinyl(1x copy left)
35.00 EUR
Alchemical Playschool CD-softpack luxury edition
20 EUR
All The King’s Horses CD (Big Blue)
15.00 EUR
All The King’s Horses CD
15.00 EUR
All the King’s Horses 2x LP (with exclusive 4th side- 2 in stock)
25.00 EUR
All The King’s Men CD
15.00 EUR
All The King’s Men LP
25.00 EUR
Ancient Daze CD (back in stock)
15.00 EUR
Any Day Now CD (Soleilmoon reissue)
15,00 EUR
Any Day Now CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Any Day Now- The Secrets CDR on TOQ
13,50 euros
Asylum CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Asylum CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Atomic Roses LP (2 copies left)
25.00 EUR
Brighter Now CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 3/4 (2x CD)
20.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 8/9 (2x CD)
20.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 10 CD
15.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 11/12/13 (3x CD)
40.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 15 CD – NEW
12.00 EUR
Chemical Playschool 15 CD + DVD + extras in Boxset – NEW
29.00 EUR
Classics & Rarities 3 X CD (Big Blue)
25.00 EUR
The Creature That Tasted Sound CDR – NEW
13.50 EUR
Crushed Mementos CD (back in stock)
20.00 EUR
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD (Soleilmoon REMASTER re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD (Luxury edition Remaster w/velvet bag,pin-badge
and postcards)
20.00 EUR
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Curse CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Faces in the Fire (Big Blue reissue)
12.00 EUR
Farewell Milky Way CD
15.00 EUR
The French Collection 2 x CD
20,00 EUR
The French Collection 4xLP (out of stock)
65.00 EUR
From Here You’ll Watch The World Go By CD
15.00 EUR
From Here You’ll Watch The World Go By CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Golden Age CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Golden Age CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Hallway Of The Gods CD
15.00 EUR
Human Radio CDR
13.50 EUR
Island Of Jewels CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Island Of Jewels CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Kollabaris CDR
15.00 EUR
The Legendary Pink Box 2 X CD
20.00 EUR
Live in Hildeshem 1991 CDR
13,50 EUR
Live in Nijmegen (Maria Dimension tour) 1991 DVD-R
15,00 EUR
Live in Los Angeles 2002 DVD-R
15.00 EUR
Live in Montpelier 2 x CDR
20.00 EUR
Live 85-88 CDR
15.00 EUR
Live 89 CDR
15.00 EUR
Live At La Luna DVD
15.00 EUR
The Lovers CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Lovers CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Malachai CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Malachai CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Maria Dimension CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Maria Dimension CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Maria Sessions CDR (TOQ)
13.50 EUR
Nemesis Online CD
15.00 EUR
Nemesis Online 2xLP (2 copies left)
30.00 EUR
Paris in the Fall DVD
15,00 EUR
A Perfect Mystery CD
15.00 EUR
A Perfect Mystery 2x LP (1 copy left)
30.00 EUR
A Perfect Mystery CD (Big Blue reissue)
15,00 EUR
Plutonium Blonde CD
15,00 EUR
The Poppy Variations (Big blue reissue)
15.00 EUR
Prayer For Aradia CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
The Pre-Millennial Single (Mini CD)
12.00 EUR
The Pre-Millennial Single (Vinyl EP)
15.00 EUR
Remember Me This Way (Mini CD)
10.00 EUR
Seconds Late for the Brighton Line (CD)
15,00 EUR
Shadow Weaver CD (Soleilmoon re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Shadow Weaver CD (Big Blue re-issue)
15.00 EUR
Sterre (CD Single)
8.00 EUR
Terminal Kaleidoscope CD (Live 1984 tour with Attrition,in luxury art package)
20.00 EUR
The Tower CD (Soleilmoon)
15.00 EUR
The Tower CD (Big Blue reissue)
15.00 EUR
The Tower LP (Picture Disc in Handmade Sleeve)
40.00 EUR
Under Triple Moons CD
15.00 EUR
The Whispering Wall CD
15.00 EUR
Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves CD
15.00 EUR
Dream Cell Deluxe 2xCDR (Remastered with bonus cd) – NEW
18.00 EUR
Dream Cell 2 x LP -bonus 4th side
25.00 EUR
Elemental CDR on TOQ
13,50 euros
Nature of Illusion CD (w/bonus Woodland Calling CD)
20.00 EUR
Nature of Illusion LP (w/bonus Woodland Calling CD)
25.00 EUR
Requiem Settings CD
15.00 EUR
Spectral Artifact CDR
13.50 EUR
State of Union CD (remaster of long-deleted CDR,with 21-minute bonus track)
15.00 EUR
Sun with a Beating Heart CDR
13.50 EUR
Time On Thin Ice CD
15.00 EUR
Woodland Calling CDR
13.50 EUR
Blank for your own message CD
15.00 EUR
13.50 EUR
A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions CD (w/gimmix cover)
20.00 EUR
A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions LP (w/gimmix cover)
45.00 EUR
An Unlikely Event CDR
13,50 EUR
The Blue Room 2 X LP
25.00 EUR
Caste O’ Graye Skreeens CD SPECIAL OFFER
12.00 EUR
Chyekk China Doll CD (remaster with bonus material)
15.00 EUR
DNA LE DRAW D KEE CD (Edward, Elke, Ryan & Calyxx)
15.00 EUR
Devascapes – Cassette Only Release
10.00 EUR
Eyes China Doll CD (original vinyl replica sleeve with bonus material)
15.00 EUR
Fragmants of Illumina (double vinyl w/bonus 4th side)
30.00 EUR (1 in stock)
Ghost Logik CD – NEW
12.00 EUR
Laugh China Doll CD
15.00 EUR
Live in Basel CDR
13,50 EUR
Long Red Ladder to the Moon CD (1 copy left)
15.00 EUR
Dream Logik Part 1 CD (1 copy left)
20.00 EUR
Dream Logik Part Two CD (2 copies left)
20.00 EUR
Dream Loops
15.00 EUR
Minus Touch CD
15,00 EUR
Needles III CDR
13.50 EUR
Painted River of Regrets CDR
13,50 EUR
Painted River of Regrets LP (back in stock)
20.00 EUR
Pieces Of 8 CD
15.00 EUR
Pieces Of 8 2 X LP
25.00 EUR
Red Letters CD
15.00 EUR
Red Sky at Night (with Alena Boykova) CDR
13,50 EUR
Scriptures Of Illumina CD
15.00 EUR
Tanith and the Lion Tree CD (remaster with bonus tracks) NEW
15.00 EUR
Textures Of Illumina 2xCD
20.00 EUR
Trapped in Amber LP
20.00 EUR
30 Year Itch CD
20,00 EUR
30 Year Itch LP
30,00 EUR
The Whispering Wail CDR
13,50 EUR

Canta Mientas Puedas CD (LPD Compilation)
15.00 EUR
Guide Vol. I: Best Ballads CD (LPD Compilation)
15.00 EUR
Guide Vol.II:Classics and Rarities 3xCD (LPD compilation,includes
100 minutes of unreleased audio/video material)
45.00 EUR
Kollabaris CDR (LPD’S with Friends)
13.50 EUR
The Terminal Kaleidoscope CD (luxury art package w/lyric book,poster.
Documents Live LPD’s on 1984 tour with Attrition).
20.00 EUR

The Bowles Given 7″ single – (Edward and Mark Spybey collaboration)
10.00 EUR
DECIDUOUS FLUX CD – (Edward collaborating with Jesse Peper and
Wesley Young) NEW
15.00 EUR
DNA LE DRAW D KEE CD – (Edward, Elke, Ryan & Calyxx)
15.00 EUR
Kissing Frogs Is Fine CD – (Russian E.K compilation)
15.00 EUR
Ulkomaalaiset 1 CD (improvisation trio – E.K,Alena Boykova,Martin Heuser)
20.00 EUR (back in stock)
Ulkomaalaiset 2 CD
20.00 EUR
Cosmic Space Drone CD (Collaboration – E.K vocals/lyrics on 20-minute
opening track)
15.00 EUR
Cosmic Space Drone K7 (Collaboration – rare Cassette version – 2 copies left)
10.50 EUR
Transmit Acoustique Abstration Two LP (Split LP.Side 1 – Edward Ka-Spel.
Side 2 – Armchair Migraine Journey).
30.00 EUR
Empires Should Burn CD (Collaboration – E.K vocals/lyrics on 23-minute opener.
Also featuring Jarboe).
15.00 EUR
NADJA – UNDER THE JAGUAR MOON 2LP (3 sides of Nadja’s
drone metal.On side 4 Edward Ka-Spel creates a new composition,re-mixing
Nadja material).
25.00 EUR

For Those Who Would Walk With Gods (TG compilation w/2x unreleased tracks)
20.00 EUR (1 copy left)

A Calm Note From The West CD
(Collaboration – Edward Ka-Spel lent lyrics to one track)
15.00 EUR

Music for Girls CD
(Collaboration – Edward Ka-Spel lent vocals and lyrics to one track)
15.00 EUR

(Collaboration – Edward Ka-Spel lent vocals and lyrics to one track)
10.00 EUR

V/A – Zelphabet L (Compilation featuring unreleased LPD’s track)
11.00 EUR

6663 BL LENT


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